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When economies around the world shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic, most large corporations instituted sweeping restrictions on travel and set high thresholds for exceptions. By April 2020, US airline capacity declined about 70 percent from that in 2019, a decline nearly four times greater than seen after September 11, 2001, attacks and six times greater than seen after the 2008–09 financial crisis.

It raises the question of how will business travel recover and what are some of the ways in which it can be made safer and more efficient and how large companies can ensure travelers’ safety in a post-pandemic world.

Covid-19 has changed the business travel industry drastically. With business travel taking a backseat as travel restrictions tighten, what can organizations do to prepare yourself to travel smart in a post-pandemic world? How can companies be more efficient in reducing travel expenses and handle the duty of care obligations?

Businesses must adapt to a new norm in order to facilitate their employees to travel safe and smart. With the unpredictable nature of travel restrictions and lockdowns, the top priority of the organization is to have visibility over the employees’ location and the ability to reach out and contact him/her with important information.

To achieve this task, Zii has created Zii Protect, a one-stop solution that includes series of features to ensure travelers’ safety and minimize the risks for both the travelers and the organization.

Zii Protect – Protecting your Travelers

The benefits of Zii Protect are significant and will save the organizational frenzy that all companies faced when travel bans and repatriation efforts became critical during the COVID19 crisis. The organization can take the necessary steps to assume the duty of care to protect and optimize the safety of its travelers by making use of the live location, communication, and other safety features.

Travel Alerts & Easy Rebooking

Zii provides real-time notifications to travelers, managers and travel arrangers in the event something unexpected happens and make it easy to book another flight with streamlined communication process directly on the platform. The process makes it easier for the concerned people to communicate and have full visibility on the travel plans or cancellations. And with its 24/7 chat support, Zii is there to assist every step of the way.

Track Employee Geo-Location

At any given time, Managers and Administrators are able to view employee locations on an interactive map that identifies risk areas by geography and provides these users with the choice of receiving push notification of current and upcoming travel reports by risk level. Updates of the employee whereabouts are updated in real time and include changes to travel itinerary segments as well as an opt-in for the employee to be geo-tracked via their mobile device.


Travelers will receive relevant information about their destination during the booking process. When an employee is booking their trip online, a pop-up will provide them information about their destination that includes information on health, security and entry requirements from social, news and government sources. Zii will curate the information from social and news networks and interpret and serve the information based on an algorithm that measures the travelers’ relevancy criteria. Zii can adapt the information presented to the travelers’ according the organizations’ appetite for how much or how little information they want to see.

Easy Mass Communication

Two-way messaging functionality to a group or individual via SMS and/or email provides administrators the ability to communicate at large with their travelers. Responses are trackable with reporting that identifies confirmed or pending responses. Zii Protect also offers the ability to set reminders to those that have not responded yet.  Actionable reporting will provide the administrator with the traveler’s names, itinerary, email and mobile phone number to maximize the chances of reaching them when needed.

Travel Advisory

Travelers and Arrangers have the ability to search any travel advisories issued by their respective government that could be impacting the country they are planning they travel to. Travelers, Arrangers and Administrators will be alerted of any changes in the travel advisory issued against the country they are about to visit. This information is always retrievable directly from Zii.

Auto Registration with Government Embassies

We understand the necessity of feeling safe and connected and are working on a tool that allows business travelers to automatically register them with their respective Government Embassies. This adds an extra layer of protection for your employees in the event something happens while they are abroad.

Increased security is provided to travelers as they have the option to automatically register to Canadian or American embassies at the destination.  With one click, their travel itinerary is registered with their respective government.

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