Zii Technologies Stacks Up Leadership Team With T&E Management Industry Veterans

Welcoming Zii Technologies’ Leadership Team

Experience in tech, data and finance business process.  


Discover who is behind the product, and Zii brand.

sunny day in 2018,  well-lit room, a clean whiteboard, very smart and experienced people got together to solve the problems large organizations have when it comes to managing the Travel, Expense and Sustainability (T&E&S) category.   With more than 100 years of experience at the table, the goal was to develop the most intuitive (we call it grandma-friendly) fintech platform for T&E&S management on the market.   Yes, we wanted to build awesome technology and with a couple of hundred years of experience around the table, we decided on not just what but how and with whom. 

How we do things is probably as important as what we build. The culture we nurture depends on diversity in the workplace, open communication and a humbling appreciation and respect for one another.  A philosophy that our CEO and Founder, Monique Mardinian has encouraged since Day 1. Because of the inclusive workplace, Zii is nested in the hands of more than 40 dedicated employees, who day-in bring their “A” game to the table. Amongst these people, we find our leadership team.

With the onboarding of new clients, who are raving about Zii, we now feel is the right time to reveal Zii’s decision-makers. We are excited and proud to introduce to you, the members of our leadership team.

Let the introductions begin!

Say Hello to:

Jake Jonassohn - Head of Business Development

Meet Jake, Zii’s Head of Busines Development

Jake Jonassohn is a founding member, having been on the leadership team since Zii’s earliest days. He is in the marketplace, identifying new opportunities and developing our verticals and channels.  His finance background and prior experience in private equity translate into win/win deal-making.  Focused on lifetime customer value, his objective is to develop trusted partnerships that stand the test of time.  





Eddie Safro , Chief Product Officer

Meet Eddie, Zii’s Chief Product Officer

Eddie Sarfo heads up product development and operations.  His near 20 years of experience within the enterprise, finance technology space bring to Zii a deep understanding of the T&E&S ecosystem. Simplifying the complex, Eddie and his team focus on user value and experience.  Eddie guides every aspect of the customer journey, including customer success, implementation and development.  Prior to joining Zii, Eddie held leadership roles at PredictX and SAP.   





Christian Labonté, Chief Technology Officer

Meet Christian, Zii’s Chief Technology Officer

Christian Labonté Zii’s Chief Technology Officer, overseeing all aspects of technology development. His 25 plus years of experience includes roles with Nortel and Ericsson and several tech start-ups.  Christian is known as the tech whisperer with a solid track record of bringing projects from innovation to deployment.   





Zii Travel Technologies - Amanda Blair Davis

Meet Amanda, Zii’s Chief Marketing Officer

Amanda Davis is Zii’ head of marketing, leading the company’s brand and product marketing efforts. Amanda’s experience in prior leadership roles with International SOS and other large, well-known companies such as Alliant Capital and Universal Music Group she is helping us tell the world about Zii. 






Zii Travel Technologies, Strategic Advisor

Meet Daniel, Zii’s Strategic Advisor

Daniel Pareyre connects dots like no other.  With 30 plus years in the global and highly complex global travel ERP space, Daniel joins the team as Strategic Advisor.   Having served on many boards, through innovation consulting, he has had the opportunity to contribute to some of the world’s largest industry players. 





Product, technology, and marketing veterans will drive the new travel technology company into rapid growth.

Monique Mardinian, CEO and Founder of Zii Travel Technologies

The leader of all leaders, Monique Mardinian our CEO and Founder.

“I’m thrilled to have Jake, Eddie, Christian, Amanda and Daniel as part of the company’s leadership team” shares Monique Mardinian, the company’s Founder and CEO. “Each of them is a proven executive who has a track record of building and managing high-growth products and teams. They are a great asset both in terms of company leadership and overall executive leadership.”.”Connect with Monique Mardinian CEO & Founder here on LinkedIn, and follow Zii Travel Tech on Twitter.





We look forward to showing you that with our team and Zii by your side, we’ll go FURTHER TOGETHER!

Zii  Technologies is a technology platform that gives organizations a single hub for everything travel and expense-related.


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