Travel Risks & How to Deal with Them During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected the travel industry. But according to organizations, business travel continues to remain a crucial component of developing client and partner relationships. With countries relaxing travel restrictions across the globe gradually, more corporate travels are set to resume. As organizations allow employees to embark on their next business trip, it is necessary to understand what are the increased travel risks associated with the coronavirus pandemic and how can companies deal with them?

International Travel Restrictions

Many countries imposed lockdown and implemented travel restrictions on local and international travelers as COVID-19 cases spread all across the globe. Mitigation measures by the governments can restrict internal movements, community lockdowns and restrictions on mass gathering. When it comes to air travel, many airlines require a negative COVID-19 certificate from passengers before they onboard flights. It is also important to consider the rules regarding mandatory quarantine for travelers. Will the employee be required to quarantine before and after their trip?

Before traveling, it is crucial to look into the travel advice and advisories from your government and public health authorities, and also the most up to date travel restrictions. The arrangers should also keep a close eye on the new developments in the employees’ travel destination during their trip. As border closures and travel bans can be put in place at short notice. Zii portal provides real-time updates straight to the employee’s dashboard and issues real-time alert based on the employee’s departure and arrival destination.

Travel Assessment

Prior to traveling, it is important to assess if the trip is absolutely necessary. It is also crucial to understand the employee’s current state of health. Do the employees suffer from an underlying health condition? What is the age of your employee? Employees in their 50s and above are at a higher risk of getting severely ill from the coronavirus disease. It is essential to prevent high-risk employees from traveling. With Zii technology, managers have access to personal information through the employee dashboard. This enables them to make faster decisions and keep their travelers safe. Employees’ request to travel is directly sent to the manager for approval and helps avoid unessential and high-risk travel.

Second Wave

Many countries are witnessing a resurgence in COVID-19 cases, also called a second wave. To mitigate and control the spread of COVID-19, countries are quick to impose lockdowns and restrict travel movements in or out of the country. It is crucial for companies to have a contingency plan and establish communication with employees who are stuck at a travel destination. Zii Protect allows you to exercise duty of care with ease. It allows the companies to establish direct contact with employees and also provides geo-location tracking to ensure the safety of the traveler. Two-way messaging functionality to a group or individual via SMS and/or email provides administrators the ability to communicate at large with their travelers. Responses are trackable with reporting that identifies confirmed or pending responses. Zii Protect also offers the ability to set reminders to those that have not responded yet. Actionable reporting will provide the administrator with the traveler’s names, itinerary, email and mobile phone number.

In these unprecedented times, Zii provides guidance that is more important than ever. Zii is an all-in-one travel management solution. It facilitates companies to handle all travel management related process and duty of care from a single portal.

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