A simple and efficient way to book and manage your business trips

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Your Profile and Preferences Under One Roof

When you create your profile, you add all of your information and preferences. When you book your trip, Zii communicates with all the travel providers on your itinerary. Your preferences, your loyalty memberships as well as your official documents are all automatically included in your reservations. 

Easy to Comprehend Travel Policy

Zii guides your every step of the way by showing you your travel policy guidelines. You have what you need to know when you need it. No need to read through pdf to know the travel policy anymore.

Invoices and Itineraries In One Place

Access your itinerary & invoices directly on Zii for easy management and expense reporting. You can see all your past & upcoming trips and download the itinerary or invoice for any trip all in one click.

Timely Access To Crucial Information

Important videos are presented to you automatically at the time of booking based on your profile & destination. Zii’s unique learning system equips you with the information you need before you go. In less than 60 seconds, you are better prepared to travel.

Plus, you can receive automated notifications and updates on your trip. Got a question or need to reach out to an agent? Zii’s agents are there for you 24/7 via chat or text.

The Most Advanced Analytics

Zii shows you the information you need to track your mileage programs, prepare your budgets and make sure you didn’t forget to claim an expense. You can also see your airline credits and easily plan your next trip around what you already have in your travel bank. Your carbon footprint is also tracked and reported on so you can make better and more informed choices.


One Single Sign-On

Zii allows for the organization’s sign-in credentials to be used to sign seamlessly into Zii. The single sign-on functionality increases adoption and makes Zii available to all authorized users immediately.

Intelligent Profile

Our state-of-the-art profile housing tool hosts all personal and travel-related information. When booking a trip, the information is seamlessly pushed to their booking tool and global distribution systems, which means you don’t have to contact the airline to communicate your preference.

Easy Booking

Book the itinerary that suits your needs. Zii tells you about amenities that can make all the difference for your comfort and convenience. Know about wifi, entertainment options, lounge access and more before you book. You can hold, book, modify your itinerary and even book your seats.

Policy Widget At Booking

Travelers have access to high-level guidelines on travel policy to make the right decisions.

Communication Hub

Zii hosts a learning library that travelers and arrangers can access at anytime. Increasing your travelers knowledge will increase both safety and compliance.

Realtime Analytics

It’s never been this easy to encourage employees to follow company travel policy while booking business trips thanks to realtime analytics that engages travelers to make the right decisions.

24/7 Chat Support

You have a question or need to reach out to an agent? We are there for you via chat & text. Plus, get automated notifications and updates, personalized to your role and your trip 24/7.

My Trips History

Zii keeps a record of all upcoming and past trips, including itinerary and invoices. Never go through your hundreds of emails to find your itinerary or invoice again.